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July 05 2009

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work that cab (when you're Young and black and proud like me
One day you'll be so tall)
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move back, move back. that morning sun. One day we'll be so tall
Young and black and proud like me Black and proud, stop crowding me
Crowding got clouds over me
One day we'll be so tall
when i was younger a girl gave me this track but without artist or album. was pretty awesome. (Zion)
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Let's Attack!
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July 04 2009

bubbles is shapeshift.rs second game (via todayandtomorrow)
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July 01 2009

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puit wars treasure chest (reprap powered collectors edition) @metalab

OH THE FUCK YEAH. Puit Wars @ Offworld

OH THE FUCK YEAH! should mention esad hajdarevic's awesome engine work aswell though...
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June 28 2009

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puit intro primer.
the ultra pinnacle location of hard disk information -:-

Gone with the Blastwave - Type E webcomic.

could be used as puit wars comic / story inspiration.

June 26 2009

low hanging fruit for improvement (
— sometimes less is more. eg: 3d graphics look way better with nearest neighbor texture scaling (GL_LINEAR) opposed to blurry image smoothing (GL_NEAREST), which basically takes away 3/4 of the texture artists work. (GL_NEAREST keeps the textures intact / expands them for bigger sizes. it's 4x times the image quality basically, believe your eyes)
“We believe that, as game developers, there are many ways of improving our craft. Reading books, attending seminars, enrolling in university programs, enlisting the help of a mentor — all of these are worthwhile and can contribute to the breadth and depth of one’s game development skillset. In the end, however, there’s just no substitute for experience.”
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Rev Rant: True Nonlinearity
i was always thinking "what if you had a game world where the player could slip into any role he chooses"
for poit i'm dreaming up something like outcast (simulated township) 2.0:
you start as new character in an existing world, you can join the army to fight as soldier, or stop the war to live in piece and harmony (turn the battlefields into cornfields and become a farmer), or pull of a military putsch (become comander, wage war against different cities), become mayor and expand the existing town/s (the settlers, platformer style). or just walk around and explore teh world/planet.
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Nobody uses folders anymore. Like all modern operating systems Staction lets you create virtual saved collections of the relevant views you use most.
Staction - It’s not Basecamp (though we need a system with twitter-esque statuses, todo lists and wiki pages)

June 25 2009

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quake3's console was nice and all, but i'd rather be writing code with full os/web access to be scripting my game.

June 24 2009

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June 23 2009

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looks like a dead poit demon (the head) Let's Play All of Our Friends Are Dead Part 1
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