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June 23 2009

June 22 2009

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The palette swap is a practice often used in video games, whereby a graphic that is already used for one element is given a different palette so that it can be reused for other elements. The different palette gives the new graphic a unique set of colors, which make it recognizably distinct from the original.
Palette swap - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

June 20 2009

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teh average brawler ant's life is pretty short (as of now). it would be cool if they had a full-fledge artificial intelligence that's persistant & can live on (by crawling from host to host).

June 19 2009

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in this session 1up fixed teh opengl scaling. everything looks so much better now.

June 18 2009

As King, players will manage and involve their townspeople in the goals of creating this new territory; enlisting them to dig for treasure, build new buildings and otherwise better their community. Of course, leadership is a two-way street, so as King, players will try to conquer rival nations to create a single unified kingdom, while also granting the requests of townspeople at whim. The game transforms the Wii Remote to a royal scepter and offers players the chance to be the best king in the world! [also see clonk]

June 16 2009

Kings Of Power 4 Billion % REMIX
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Screenshot from the Framebased Animation Layout
@metalab #Blinkenwall

This looks very much like the freaking matrix!
inspiration for plastic trooper landscapes (printed @metalab)
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"we have aquired a second planet" the opengl scaling is still scaling one quarter improperly

June 12 2009

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our cpu universe needs voxels again. how could we ever abandon that pwnsome technology which was so ahead of it's time? also: clonk (2d pixel landscape super pwnsome woms engine game)
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June 11 2009

June 08 2009

Every blade of grass in this project is a simple system of variable decay.
nextfest grass wall
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Controlling a (kyoto) game with an iphone
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