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October 11 2009

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starting development from scratch again. but this time i have a mac application bundle always ready :). means there'll be a public release early (as soon as gameplay is fun) with periodic updates :)

the game was way further earlier.
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September 10 2009

yeah plan was: a ruby version on Mac  and an objective-c version on iPhone.
i guess we'll see.

September 09 2009

unfortunately: objective-c was one too many languages for my head and i'm currently in panic mode / dev hiatus. -_-'

August 29 2009

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July 31 2009

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this is the most complicated thing i have ever ever ever ever worked on in my entire life so far.

July 30 2009

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July 17 2009

July 15 2009

gp Wiz Wiki setting up the toolchain ツ

July 12 2009

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The game would have to be built around this idea, and then, everything would have to work within the rules of whatever system is established.
Destructoid - Untapped Potential: The calculation of situations
chrono-trigger style: make game events/decisions have corresponding consequences in the future.
the spork.
^ a melee weapon, a single handed pistol-type weapon, a two handed machine gun type weapon, a rocket launcher type weapon, a damage-over-time type weapon, and a crowd control weapon. Besides these I will throw in a couple Special Weapons to assist in your mutilation of the evil Nazi-Dinosaur foes
The general premise of the game is you go around shooting Nazis that are riding on top of Dinosaurs, which came through a rift from another dimension you accidentally opened during a science experiment, that you conducted in an underwater objectivist-dystopian city, which exists on a large ring world type structure that is on a count down to explode, which could destroy everything in the galaxy. You are a Native American ex-marine who has quit service duty to become a world renowned scientist, and you are the only one who can kill the dinosaur mounted Nazis, repair the dimensional rift, and stop the Halo from exploding. Yes the fate of the entire galaxy rests in your hands. Are you up for the task?
Destructoid - Halo-Life: Call of TurokShock: The best FPS you never played
should be remade in 2d.

July 11 2009

July 08 2009

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nothing too new, yet it is so beautiful :) [do want papercraft  / toy tank]

July 07 2009

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